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  • silly phish
    silly phish

    I'm afraid I'll become a blackpink stan after this. ITZY 💟

  • Susan Official
    Susan Official

    Angelic voice !!

  • Maylie *Teume*
    Maylie *Teume*

    Como extraño ver las live stages de Treasure..... Los amoooooooo

  • Dear Friends
    Dear Friends

    This is the best performance in this game. Such an attractive stage and truly beutiful talented singers.

  • kyukyuruyuk

    My boys said we all their treasure 💓

  • Eduardo Oliveira
    Eduardo Oliveira

    Acho quando a empresa que trabalho 💜💜

  • eu larissa
    eu larissa

    aaaaaaaa vou surta assistindo toda semana

  • #778B8D

    0:11 아니 이 언니가 또 나 꼬시네

  • sik 6344
    sik 6344

    다시봐도 쇼미 최고의 발견은 로꼬다

  • Kỳ Anh Hoàng
    Kỳ Anh Hoàng

    Solar: Power. Wheein: Technique. Hwasa: Emotion. Moonbyul: Flow.

  • 민민수굠

    긍데 은근 노래 좋은데...뭐가 궁중 컨셉인거는 알겠는데 뭔가 노래가 궁중이랑 힙합이랑 잘 섞인 느낌인데. 나만그런가.

  • Sary Rodriguez
    Sary Rodriguez


  • Annie manu
    Annie manu

    Listen i dont know them ..i got into kpop just bcs of stray kids ..ive seen them in kindom and i listened some of their song ...and they are sooo good so talented like their music needs more appreciation...this performance is amazing love the mixing of two songs inception is my favorite song of them but the camera work in this performance sucks ...

  • Alex B.Sweet
    Alex B.Sweet

    Not ever getting over this this. JINJIN SANHA ROCKY ASTRO <3

  • Grecia

    ningun otro grupo en kingdom pudo superar esta presentación

  • Hanhh Tran
    Hanhh Tran

    I am still support Hanbin

  • 컨

    1:42 이쑤뫈회좡님 좌표...

  • J A N E
    J A N E

    I binged watch btob's video, coz I miss Ilhoon. I won't get tired hearing your voice Ilhoon-ah. 😢

  • wannabe winner
    wannabe winner

    Very good I love this group

  • hwang hyunjin
    hwang hyunjin

    Non ateez fan : so who's your bias in ateez Me: the angel in white Non ateez fan: but there all in white Me: exactly Btw this song is so emotional

  • nina

    1:30 ON POINT 💥💥💥

  • Yana Ltr
    Yana Ltr

    I will watched their journey. Im sooooo excited hahaha

  • Yalda Mehrabani
    Yalda Mehrabani


  • V407purple heart
    V407purple heart

    I miss them 😊

  • Jae or V
    Jae or V


  • Susmita crush
    Susmita crush

    Love you astro

  • Susmita crush
    Susmita crush

    Love you astro

  • Susmita crush
    Susmita crush

    Love you astro

  • • ɴɪᴋᴏʟ •
    • ɴɪᴋᴏʟ •

    this song is so addictive, i love the concept

  • Susmita crush
    Susmita crush

    Love you astro

  • Susmita crush
    Susmita crush

    Love you astro

  • Hanhh Tran
    Hanhh Tran

    I love Hanbin

  • Alyssa Meidiana
    Alyssa Meidiana

    Who's coming back here because of their cover in naver show 😭

  • Lexa


  • Erkenaz blink
    Erkenaz blink


  • Tamra Elise
    Tamra Elise

    I'm not an atiny but Ateez really bring different energy on stage!

  • Ines Badillo
    Ines Badillo


  • Retina Pascal
    Retina Pascal

    That was the most most most amazing beautiful powerful wonderful performance I've ever seen...just awesome

  • Ponche supremacy
    Ponche supremacy

    Que lindos ♡

  • Kuanysh Rakhmetov
    Kuanysh Rakhmetov

    Sana in the chorus 🔥🔥🔥

  • jmw07088

    Thanks to Iris's encouragement and compliment, we could meet singer Taehyung with great voice💜💜💜

  • Aastha

    Happy birthday🎂🎉🎁 sunoo 🔥🔥

  • haru haru
    haru haru


  • Hanhh Tran
    Hanhh Tran

    Who's still here to support Hanbin??

  • Moiz Arshad
    Moiz Arshad

    1:24 i guess changbins from ikon

  • Yana Ltr
    Yana Ltr

    Ohhhh its nice to again te girls 😍😍

  • Hanhh Tran
    Hanhh Tran


  • purple galaxy
    purple galaxy

    Guess who loves you

  • 00Hak00

    1:38 Okay Yungi duo. I need to breathe!!

  • wHaT ThE foK
    wHaT ThE foK


  • Ryan pramita
    Ryan pramita

    ROCKY 💜

  • Ryan pramita
    Ryan pramita

    ROCKY 💜

  • Hamsyar Afyk
    Hamsyar Afyk

    Omg miyeons voice

  • 정민경

    진짜 크리스탈 못 난게 없다♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • stray kids everywhere all around the world
    stray kids everywhere all around the world

    as an 8 yo exol who used to have love-hate with this song, i approve👍


    Jongho vocals do justice to every song. He has such a unique and beautiful voice. You can just tell he is singing even when he is not on camera focus

  • eman family
    eman family

    Woooow 😯😯😯

  • TheMayan99 !
    TheMayan99 !

    Wow 30m !

  • swasthi vyas
    swasthi vyas

    bts bts we love youuuu sooo muchhhh armyyyyyy formmmm indiaaaa🌻

  • karito jili
    karito jili

    Her voice unique, why this dont have more like

  • annisa meidaiana
    annisa meidaiana

    power rap changbin tidak dapat diragukan lagi♡

  • Wooyoung ATEEZ
    Wooyoung ATEEZ


  • purple galaxy
    purple galaxy

    Hwaa SOTY

  • 서은광

    우리 고양이가 너무 보컬로 유명해서 혹시 다른 분들이 안보이면 어쩔까 걱정햇는데 너무너무 좋은 교수님이 올라가셨음 ㅜ

  • Ajats Ramli
    Ajats Ramli

    I am not a robot

  • Tesi Sani
    Tesi Sani

    ENHYPEN all visual.. Jjang

  • Abiha Zarnain
    Abiha Zarnain

    I like this song

  • Wailea V-K
    Wailea V-K

    🚨: WE NEED EVERYONE TO KEEP STREAMING THE MV! We have chances to win on July 3rd and July 4th. The nominees could change, but this is the current stance: ▪️(Music Core) July 3rd: Aespa vs. Brave Girls vs. Twice (Aespa is in the lead by a couple of points) ▪️(Inkigayo) July 4th: Brave Girls vs. Aespa vs. Seventeen (Brave Girls is in the lead and if you can, please download the “STARPASS” app to collect heart jellies to vote during the live voting) If we win, it would mean 3 wins for CMBR! In addition, BRAVE GIRLS would have 10 wins in total. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! WE CAN’T MISS THIS CHANCE FEARLESS!! SO KEEP GOING WITH STREAMING!!

  • Shine Yoon
    Shine Yoon

    하.. 또 와서 보고있네ㅠㅜ

  • J A N E
    J A N E

    I binged watch btob's video, coz I miss Ilhoon. I won't get tired hearing your voice Ilhoon-ah. 😢

  • Abiha Zarnain
    Abiha Zarnain

    I like this song

  • Fatin Azrina Rohani
    Fatin Azrina Rohani

    Best dan suka diorang jerit untuk semangatkan diri utk hard dance ni

  • karito jili
    karito jili

    Sorry but this is not twice, i dont like the song, personal opinion. no hate

  • Sonam Birgodiya
    Sonam Birgodiya

    This is THE Real side of Namjoon Damn he is Adorable :)

  • leepuddi

    Cha eun woo is such a prince. He is not from this world 😍

  • Abiha Zarnain
    Abiha Zarnain

    I like this song