[Bling Bling - Oh MAMA] KPOP TV Show |
- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.713
- Bling Bling - Oh MAMA

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[Kor Ver.]
'블링블링'의 화려한 퍼포먼스! 'Oh MAMA' 무대
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  • TripTriple Cat
    TripTriple Cat

    The vocals are it

  • spica mylove
    spica mylove

    あやみん、まりんちゃん災難に遭遇したね。(^_^;) ぶりんぐぶりんぐはhot issue, 3ye同様存在感あるし實力あるよ。しかしこの歌じゃ日本と韓國では熱量發生しないよね。事務處は活動歌を再考しないとね。KARDも同じように日本と韓國では弱風だからなあああ。そして似たような歌をうたう BVNDITも無風だしなあああ。(^_^;)

  • kpop《édits》

    Essa coreografia e perfeita a música é perfeita amo 💖🇧🇷🤧🤧🤧

  • kpop《édits》


  • kpop《édits》

    Elas são perfeitas 🤧

  • Milena Athayde
    Milena Athayde

    "Oh mama, oh mama, oh nana..."🎵🎶 ❤️❤️

  • Olivia 1212
    Olivia 1212

    Soo beautiful

  • alwaysaroundproud

    How are their vocals still so good? And their outfits are so pretty! I'm obsessed

  • lucia

    stan bling bling for clear skin!! 😌

  • venice loo jia
    venice loo jia

    they're awesome

  • Pantastic

    They're so talented!

  • Eow w
    Eow w

    I love this girls. Amoooooo

  • Rafael diego
    Rafael diego

  • Gabriela Gabi
    Gabriela Gabi

    Marin é tão bonita com esse roupa e coque. Yubin é tão bonita com esse roupa e passadeira. Jieun é tão bonita com esse roupa. Narin é tão bonita com esse roupa e penteado com laço no cabelo dela. Ayamy é tão bonita com esse roupa. Juhyun é tão bonita com esse roupa.

  • Nicanor NNG
    Nicanor NNG

    This song is amazing

  • Gabriela Gabi
    Gabriela Gabi

    Marin is so pretty with this outfit and bun. Yubin is so pretty with this outfit and headband. Jieun is so pretty with this outfit. Narin is so pretty with this outfit and hairstyle with the bow on her hair. Ayamy is so pretty with this outfit. Juhyun is so pretty with this outfit.

  • Alex


  • oh my dorin
    oh my dorin

    Meus que perfeitaaaass, esse outfit e a coreografia que tudoooo♥️

  • Davis Chan
    Davis Chan

    Hwaiting !

  • M 1 И D Ⅎ U Γ И Ɛ 5 5
    M 1 И D Ⅎ U Γ И Ɛ 5 5

    Love this part... 0:22 💗 Both fierce and feminine!

  • baisha miracle
    baisha miracle

    these outfits are so pretty and stylish

  • ana carolina faes remboski
    ana carolina faes remboski


  • Juan Pablo Sierra
    Juan Pablo Sierra

    Bling Bling Fighting!

  • unpaulished

    Talent. (Period)

  • laura bouchard
    laura bouchard

    Why they aren't performing all days?

    • laura bouchard
      laura bouchard

      @cat Yeah i see thank you

    • cat

      Usually towards the end of promotions Major 9 tends to get a bit spotty with music shows. Not sure any reason honestly but it happened back towards debut as well. It was hard for me to count weeks with how spotty it was.

  • Otaku Hiba
    Otaku Hiba

    They are soo good

  • Susan Liu
    Susan Liu

    Here’s the male version of Bling Bling’s Oh Mama: jpthe.info/dron/bideo/3J6MmdRqnseVnH0

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore

    the choreography is so simple yet so effective! it fits the song perfectly

  • sarah marcolino
    sarah marcolino

    stan bling bling

  • Ella Travis
    Ella Travis

    Actually this song is really catchy

  • Haro Hawayu
    Haro Hawayu

    narin is adorable and precious!

  • Haro Hawayu
    Haro Hawayu

    yubin is so gorgeous, charismatic and talented!!

  • Ujung Germany
    Ujung Germany


  • Agus bailando
    Agus bailando

    So talented!!!!

    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty


  • Nurul Lynna
    Nurul Lynna

    The hand gesture is expensive. Make it trend!

  • Myat Thwe Khine
    Myat Thwe Khine

    Wait! Their outfits are always better and better.Their group is small but give best outfits.Suit with this comeback.😍

  • 7o0o0o7ah 7o07ah
    7o0o0o7ah 7o07ah


  • Letsgo magica👑
    Letsgo magica👑

    Tri.be and bling bling are best rookie for me.. This song is so good.. Whats the fandom of bling bling? Someone plz gv details abt bling bling.. I really wana support

    • C Caz
      C Caz

      Oh OK thanks.

    • Haro Hawayu
      Haro Hawayu

      @C Caz those are mbti types c:

    • C Caz
      C Caz

      enfj? what are these?

    • Haro Hawayu
      Haro Hawayu

      @Letsgo magica👑 Alright c: take as much time as you need ^v^

    • Letsgo magica👑
      Letsgo magica👑

      @Haro Hawayu absolutely.. Lemme take baby step..

  • Kishore Kutty
    Kishore Kutty


  • balqis aliifia
    balqis aliifia

    Ayamy she’s so cute 🥺

  • balqis aliifia
    balqis aliifia


  • erin a.
    erin a.

    For those of you who are curious, this is Bling Bling! They made their debut on November 17th, 2020. Also, I got this information from this site, where you can find more info on this group as well! kprofiles.com/blingbling-members-profile/ 0:26 - Marin - Birth Name: Yasufuku Marin - Position: Main dancer, vocalist - Birthday: March 17th, 2001 - MBTI: ISFP - Gem: Aquamarine - Fun Fact: She likes taking pictures, she loves cats, and she’s a Blackpink fan! 0:35 - Yubin - Birth Name: Kim Yubin - Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer, center, maknae - Birthday: February 27th, 2002 - MBTI: ESFJ - Gem: Amethyst - Fun Fact: She’s a former Fantagio trainee, and she was on Produce 48 (ranking 88)! 0:43 - Jieun - Birth Name: Choi Jieun - Position: Main vocalist - Birthday: March 3rd, 2001 - MBTI: INFJ - Gem: Bloodstone - Fun Fact: She’s the tallest member, and her hobby is cleaning! 0:52 - Narin - Birth Name: Lee Narin - Position: Vocalist, visual - Birthday: October 29th, 2001 - MBTI: ENFP - Gem: Opal - Fun Fact: She can speak Japanese, and her specialty is high notes! 1:21 - Ayamy - Birth Name: Suzuki Ayamy - Position: Lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist - Birthday: July 15th, 2000 - MBTI: INTP - Gem: Ruby - Fun Fact: She’s good at drawing, and is very flexible! 1:30 - Juhyun - Birth Name: Cha Juhyun - Position: Leader, main rapper, vocalist - Birthday: April 1st, 2000 - MBTI: ENFJ - Gem: Diamond - Fun Fact: She’s the moodmaker of the group, and is also the oldest member!

  • Tabassom gh
    Tabassom gh

    I love this song

  • nj am
    nj am

    Incredible and beyond belief😍😍

    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty


  • Amal baelah
    Amal baelah

    1:44 the camera transition 😱👍

  • Hmtasty

    I've been watching many rookie performances, this group + song has the best chance into breaking kpop mainstream. best of luck!!

    • Letsgo magica👑
      Letsgo magica👑


  • Uae Na
    Uae Na

    The Song is so Catchy and the girls are Amazing !

  • Nekun Minnizer
    Nekun Minnizer

    they are so good

  • Robert Abrams
    Robert Abrams

    Wow, great song 🔥

  • Noelle Seifert
    Noelle Seifert

    I’m here to tell you all you better stan these girls or you’re not gonna live your life ☝️

  • Agkap aroha
    Agkap aroha


    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty


  • Shalini nainala
    Shalini nainala

    I'm not a fan but this song is good

    • Gharbi Aya
      Gharbi Aya

      Same 😄🥰

  • Naeemul Haque
    Naeemul Haque


    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty


    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty


    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty

      How Are You Fine

    • Kishore Kutty
      Kishore Kutty

      Hello Hi

  • cat

    the outfits are so good 😭

    • Letsgo magica👑
      Letsgo magica👑

      @cat nd most of the blingbling members are now frnds with tri.be.. So its a win win for me

    • cat

      @Letsgo magica👑 They are a really fun bunch and subs are faster over here from the company. I was really surprised and happy when they ended up close with TRI•BE from the overlapping promotions, since I've followed both groups from pre debut.

    • Letsgo magica👑
      Letsgo magica👑

      @cat we came across tri.be vids many tyms.. Bt i never thought i will meet u here.. Bydwa m gng to support blingbling along with tri.be

    • cat

      @Letsgo magica👑 You'll usually find me in TRI•BE or Bling Bling videos.

    • Letsgo magica👑
      Letsgo magica👑

      Cat?? I found you..



  • Sha_7717 Nads
    Sha_7717 Nads


  • Zuhaib Ansar
    Zuhaib Ansar


  • Naiima Warda
    Naiima Warda

    Them vocals~~~~!!

  • Kumari Anshu
    Kumari Anshu


  • Nida

    Oh mama oh mama oh nana