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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.713
- TO1 - Son of Beast

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[Kor Ver.]
'TO1'의 에너제틱 매력! 'Son of Beast' 무대
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  • sofi D
    sofi D

    Me estás diciendo todo en vivo??? TO1 SUPREMACY -👑

  • Balzhan Oktyabreva
    Balzhan Oktyabreva

    Jang Kyungho, I love you, my bestie♡

  • Balzhan Oktyabreva
    Balzhan Oktyabreva


  • 젼햅

    경호 머리 내리니까 더 섹시한건......ㅋ

  • pakiraju786

    I feel like this group similar to The Boyz, is going to get their popularity gradually. They have a lot of potential.

  • jijirara1022


  • morgan ervin
    morgan ervin

    Oh my God yessss to1 whoa dang wooooo yall guy's are so handsome and fine looking and Gorgeous yall guy's did amazing and fantastic job well done my kings. Yall guys are so talented and yall guy's kill it 🥰😘😍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 날

    티오원 너무 잘했다!!!!

  • DaeguYunie

    Chan’s in-ear monitors have butterflies on them 🥺 so cute!! 🦋

  • DaeguYunie

    Donggeon’s muscles are POPPING today

  • I B
    I B

    They are amazing

  • Everly Xavier
    Everly Xavier

    2:28 Chan: I HAVE TO DO THIS ✨AGGRESSIVELY✨ ↖️⬆️↗️ ⬅️👦🏻 ➡️ ↙️⬇️↘️

  • Everly Xavier
    Everly Xavier

    i wish their live vocal will be more clear 🥺

  • Naila Nurfaizah
    Naila Nurfaizah

    Minsu little smile at 2:41 make me crying, it's ok minsu please take care of yourself , thank you TO1 for your hard work

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    Woonggi's ending fairy so kiyowooo >,

  • Alex Magar
    Alex Magar

    Dam they are so good

  • shomok saad
    shomok saad

    love u besties

  • Adiama Dino
    Adiama Dino

    The ending fairy gesture Woonggi do is the viral his video on Twitter 🤣🤣🤣 I'm idol not drinking 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jazmín Mikaelson
    Jazmín Mikaelson

    Los amo

  • karo

    minsu a pesar de la lesión, lo hizo muy bien

  • once twice
    once twice

    so cool!

  • Cria Da Big Hit
    Cria Da Big Hit


  • Cria Da Big Hit
    Cria Da Big Hit


  • Danish Adli
    Danish Adli

    Good song but when I first heard this. I thought they were saying I'm son of a bitch LOL sorry

  • Dina

    With please listening this song every time!!!

  • las mejillas de jisung
    las mejillas de jisung

    2:37 otro stage donde no enfocen a jisu y quemo todo

  • Goga Goga
    Goga Goga

    boys are super. good luck👍

  • PrinceJaeyun♡

    I was just watching the old performances of them and the difference is sooooo huge to how they perform now

  • PrinceJaeyun♡

    Wow Donggeon hits different in this performance, I don't know what it is but he definitely became more charismatic and handsome!!!

  • Hazlinda Kamal
    Hazlinda Kamal


  • Nailah Nailah
    Nailah Nailah

    Stream the mv🔥

  • Nailah Nailah
    Nailah Nailah


  • Dream J
    Dream J

    오늘도 우리 티오원 감사합니다 🙏❤사랑해요

  • Lala Boo
    Lala Boo


  • Lala Boo
    Lala Boo

    Min su get well soon 💜

  • Lala Boo
    Lala Boo

    Muito conteúdo do jeitinho q a gente ama

  • 우야

    Minsu my baby ❤ you are the best!!

  • froglover 7001
    froglover 7001

    they look so GOOD in their outfits 🤍🖤

  • pablo blobby
    pablo blobby

    kyungho and donggeon on their way to becoming the next shownu and wonho we love to see it

  • corgijyou


  • Gerardo antonio Popoter Rodriguez
    Gerardo antonio Popoter Rodriguez

    To1 all are at the top of billoard gaon's song list is breaking records every day

  • Camy LOVE
    Camy LOVE

    Togheters forever

  • Aprilio A
    Aprilio A

    donggeon and jerome's bridge is extra intense today

  • Trey Cary
    Trey Cary


  • Ain Nazifa
    Ain Nazifa

    minsu TT

  • Natali Eka Sinta
    Natali Eka Sinta

    Go! TO1!!!!

  • K.ヨシン


  • zah

    my talented boys!!!

  • Ellisa Achdilla
    Ellisa Achdilla

    my baby minsu, i wish u a very quick recovery, luvv u babyyy

  • Nico F
    Nico F

    nice performance !! WOONGI your charm is only one …

  • kim6990

    TO1 fighting

  • Who am i
    Who am i

    damn donggeon's guns

  • Nadila Fibrianingrum
    Nadila Fibrianingrum

    Minsu... I wish someone taking care of his injury😭 and.. they are did their best today

  • Moonlight

    Break the stage like always!

  • kim chaen
    kim chaen

    Amazing like always 😭🔥

  • erin a.
    erin a.

    For those of you who are curious, this is TO1! Previously known as TOO, they rebranded and redebuted on May 19th, 2021! Also, I got this information from this site, where you can find more info on this group as well! kprofiles.com/to1-members-profile-facts/ 0:10 - Jerome - Birth Name: Oh Sungmin - Position: Vocalist, visual - Birthday: August 25th, 2001 - MBTI: ENFJ - Element: Metal - Representative Emoji: 🐶 - Fun Fact: He’s a former Cube trainee, and he likes coffee! 0:14 - Jaeyun - Birth Name: Lee Jaeyun - Position: Leader, main vocalist - Birthday: August 16th, 2000 - MBTI: ENFJ - Element: Metal - Representative Emoji: 🐹 - Fun Fact: He’s fluent in English, and is a MC on After School Club! 0:18 - Donggeon - Birth Name: Song Donggeon - Position: Main vocalist - Birthday: July 15th, 1999 - MBTI: ISFP - Element: Earth - Representative Emoji: 🦁 - Fun Fact: He’s a former C9 Entertainment trainee, and he likes Baekhyun! 0:26 - Chan - Birth Name: Jo Chanhyuk - Position: Main dancer, rapper, producer - Birthday: December 8th, 1999 - MBTI: ENTJ - Element: Fire - Representative Emoji: 🐺 - Fun Fact: He has two tattoos, one on his back and one on his hand! 0:27 - Kyungho - Birth Name: Jang Kyungho - Position: Main dancer, vocalist - Birthday: May 7th, 2001 - MBTI: INFP - Element: Fire - Representative Emoji: 🦖 - Fun Fact: His specialties are dancing and singing! 0:33 - Woongi - Birth Name: Cha Woongi - Position: Vocalist, maknae - Birthday: April 23rd, 2002 - MBTI: ENFP - Element: Water - Representative Emoji: 🐧 - Fun Fact: He was a famous child actor, and he likes to do girl group dances! 0:49 - Jisu - Birth Name: Choi Jisu - Position: Lead dancer, vocalist - Birthday: January 19th, 2000 - MBTI: ENFP - Element: Water - Representative Emoji: 🦊 - Fun Fact: He has the same birth name as Itzy’s Lia! 0:55 - Minsu - Birth Name: Kim Minsu - Position: Dancer, vocalist - Birthday: March 20th, 2000 - MBTI: ISFJ - Element: Earth - Representative Emoji: 🐱 - Fun Fact: He has the same birthday as Stray Kids’ Hyunjin! 1:19 - J.You - Birth Name: Kim Jeyou - Position: Rapper, visual - Birthday: November 2nd, 2000 - Element: Wood - MBTI: ENFP - Official Animal Emoji: 🐉 - Fun Fact: He’s a big fan of Sejeong! 1:27 - Chihoon - Birth Name: Choi Chihoon - Position: Rapper, vocalist, producer - Birthday: April 27th, 1999 - Element: Wood - MBTI: INFP - Official Animal Emoji: 🐥 - Fun Fact: He has a drivers license!

    • erin a.
      erin a.

      @Dev K yayyy i’m glad 🥲

    • Dev K
      Dev K

      thx this makes stuff rly easay

    • erin a.
      erin a.

      @Verper anything to help ppl stan them 😤❤️

    • Verper

      Omg, you're such a dedicated TOGETHER..You go girl..!

  • Haluna Salaabila
    Haluna Salaabila

    Get well soon uri Minsu ❤❤

  • love

    Best performers

  • love

    4th gen kings👑👑👑

  • Larissa


  • Airyne Mayaut
    Airyne Mayaut


  • ester_ 416
    ester_ 416


  • Kiel Padilla
    Kiel Padilla

    2:13 and 2:17 Guys we have a ship!, I repeat we have a ship!

  • grizzy jadith
    grizzy jadith

    minsuyaaa get well soon, baby🥺

  • Aletta Nadya
    Aletta Nadya

    minsu Are you really okay? If it's still hurt, don't force it

    • Marguerite Smith
      Marguerite Smith

      @Nisrina Amani His wrist got injured during one of their stages. It's been hurting for a couple days.

    • Nisrina Amani
      Nisrina Amani

      what happen to him? :(

  • Em

    woonggi definitely knows that video of him at the fansign went viral hahahah

    • 柏木遥香

      which one?

    • mangarda

      Lol which one, the one with him with the wine glass?? Lol

  • Puti Aura
    Puti Aura

    i really worried about minsu :( you did well minsu

  • hslpt3

    lol wth Woongi....his ending fairy ver is so random... what's with the eating gesture...hahaha...not gonna lie that's more interesting than acting cool...nice outfits, great perf as always but i just feel upset that no closeup for Jisu's first part even though he has several parts but since he dances fast i just feel each closeup is important, then again i'm just being petty. i'm glad he has a few parts so he'd still have other parts for closeups. i just want him to be noticed n appreciated more. n i hope Minsu's hands are alright. that little smile n nod is so cute, i miss Minsu making cutesy gestures on this song's stages, haha. some of them look like they're not feeling very well the past days but today they look like they're doing better, i'm conflicted bcuz i'm happy to see more of them but i also want them to get enough rest. regardless, TO1 Fighting!

    • hslpt3

      @Em ohh... that's cool. can you share a link of that video?

    • Em

      woonggi did that for his ending fairy bc a clip of him doing the same thing at a fansign when interacting with fans went viral this week

  • Ferry Fernando
    Ferry Fernando

    So today they will meet with epex??

  • Soso

    I still feel worried and sad TT get well soon Minsu, you're doing well 🥺 and i like the outfit of today ! Woonggi ending fairy is always so cute

    • DaeguYunie

      @Soso - it’s been hurt for a few days now 😔

    • Soso

      @Spread peace to live in a peace his left hand is injured, he posted a photo on their twt yesterday and you can see in the performance that he is not using it 🥺

    • Spread peace to live in a peace
      Spread peace to live in a peace

      What happened to minsu? Is he injured or smt?

  • iyjuhgfds bgfgdsdf
    iyjuhgfds bgfgdsdf

    16q vur.fyi

  • Chaw Chaw
    Chaw Chaw

    오늘도 무대를 찢어버려째 !!

  • Siti Nur Adlina
    Siti Nur Adlina

    White colour make they look more cute and handsome

  • 별시이짱

    오늘도 우리 티오원 멋진 무대 보여줘서 고마워요 💓💓💓오늘도 경호 멋져👍🏻

  • sswnt

    2:17 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Baby boi Jeyou
    Baby boi Jeyou

    Kyunghos shirt

  • Baby boi Jeyou
    Baby boi Jeyou

    Okay but u had to admit the outfits were art and to1 know how to pull everything

  • SuMyat Hlaing
    SuMyat Hlaing

    Son of beast❤️

  • sswnt

    Donggeon sleeveless 😍😛

  • Nagaraj Karan
    Nagaraj Karan

    Choreography is so nice

  • رنوش!!!

    اول😂🙈 صلو وسلم ع نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nagaraj Karan
    Nagaraj Karan

    Son of beast❤️